19 April 2009

What's on YOUR mind, Facebook?

I love when Facebook wants to know what's on my mind. Is it really that interested in me? Apparently not because, when I told it the following, it wouldn't take it. ha.

Here goes...this is What's on My Mind right now:

Penny the Puppy wants me to Get Up! from the computer. There's a lake in our backyard from the storms last night and she's dragged in something gross. The vacuum cleaner is sitting in the middle of the livingroom, chillin'...'cause it knows it'll be awhile before I get in there. All of my websites, "friends", and other annoyances are updated... except my nemesis, The Archives at jennyspouse. (2009 is STILL not posted!)

The cat, Miss Kitty, is sitting right in the middle of the diningroom table, shedding, leaving pawprints, checking her manicure, and giving me the stink-eye.

The electricity went out last night and I need to go around the house resetting the clocks or I'll be late for work tomorrow. I have a bunch of writing to do but the house needs cleaning first or I won't be able to concentrate.

I think I bought the wrong gift for my mother-in-law yesterday for Mother's Day so I may have more shopping to do.

I need a bulletin board in here.

I slept wrong so now my knee is stiff.

How's that? (I think I'll deal with Miss Penny first and see what she wants...that should distract me from everything else I have to do today. She's real good at that.)

Hmmm...I wonder why Facebook wouldn't accept what was on my mind? :-)

Cheers! ~ j

PS...This week's "Jenny" is UP! "Living in TLF"


02 April 2009

This week's "Jenny" is UP! "Anniversary 2009"

This week's "Jenny" comic is UP! a little bit early.

Our 10th anniversary was actually April 1st (yes, April Fool's Day). We usually take a trip or rent a B&B but, alas, he's at P.I.T. this year.

So I'm heading down to San Anton' this weekend. We've got a room on the Riverwalk and we're going to connect with some old friends for brunch on Sunday at Randolph's O'Club.

That's why I posted this week's "Jenny" a few days early.


~ jewls