07 May 2009

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

This is YOUR day...NOT Mother's Day, NOT Father's Day, NOT my birthday......I mean, YOUR birthday...!

This is the day that your family should take a moment and truly understand what you've done for them during your active-duty military spouse's career.

For instance...

Did your a.d. spouse ever sit with restless and rowdy children for hours on end, waiting for medical clearance to that overseas base, wondering if you were going to be disqualified because your youngest had "something"?

Did your a.d. spouse ever wait on the porch all day for the packing crew that never showed? (...while the movers did?)

Did your a.d. spouse ever sell Pampered Chef or Party Lite products because they couldn't get a job because local employers don't HIRE military spouses?

Did your a.d. spouse quit every single job they ever had because they had to PCS (sometimes after only six months)?

Better yet...did your a.d. spouse ever put their career on hold for YOU?


Okay, maybe I'm getting a little out of control here but...one last question...

Did your active duty spouse ever watch the news and wonder if you were on it?

Celebrate yourself. Not only on May 8th but all year long.

Go to jennyspouse.com for this week's comic.

~ j

06 May 2009

Celebrate what you've loved all of your life!

This article found at Mahalo.com:

May 5 is National Cartoonist's Day each year, the celebration sponsored by the National Cartoonists Society to honor editorial cartoonists and comic strip artists, because it is the anniversary of the day the very first color comic strip, The Yellow Kid, was published in 1895.

However, the economic downturn and lack of interest on the part of the cartoonists has led to a reduction in events or even special cartoons. On May 5, 2009, of the national cartoonists, only Wylie Miller's Non Sequitur had a reference cartoon.


Cheers! ~ j