22 February 2009

Interview with Terri Barnes of "Spouse Calls"

Terri Barnes and I have been
e-mail buddies for a couple of years now. After I moved back to the states, she wanted me to get somewhat settled so she could interview me.

Great! I love her stuff! So, between her busy, busy schedule and my so-so schedule, we picked a day she'd call and...

I gave her the wrong phone number.

Because, as it turns out, when you PCS, you get about twenty-seven new numbers to memorize and the hardest one of all is your own phone number. Honestly, when do you really use that one?

Terri apparently had a nice chat with the lady who answered - so that's a good thing - but I'd screwed up our window of time and now we had to resort to an e-mail interview. I stayed up until 2 a.m. that night, making sure I answered her questions as fully and completely as possible. After all, I owed it to her to at least get this one thing right.

But I think you can tell I'm getting tired and a little bit loopy by the last few questions.

Luckily, the interview turned out really great. Terri posted the uncut, unedited version on her blog over at Spouse Calls.

I hope you enjoy it. (...and don't forget to head to jennyspouse.com for today's latest chuckle)

~ j

Best Overheard Cell Phone Conversation

"I just don't see the problem with me having A DUCK!" (...a 15-year-old girl walking quickly through Hobby Lobby the other day)

~ j

21 February 2009

The fun part about living in the states....

...is that you get to shop at stores where you can find your size! Woo Hoo!!!

Over the Valentine's Day weekend, I flew to San Antonio to visit my husband (he's TDY through April). The stores located near Randolph AFB are FABULOUS!

If you've spent any time at Vance AFB (my current location), you'll remember that we have very few large stores here. Sure, we have WalMart and Penney's and Sears but they cater mostly to the farm-living community. That means the clothes are a little large and somewhat 'down-home' for me. (I'm not saying anything but OKC was voted the #2 fattest city in America so the stores here are wise to their needs.)

Anyway, after coming from Okinawa where they grow the tiniest people on the planet, I still feel like I don't have anywhere to shop. (I'm 5'6", Size 6)

So I went down to San Antonio -- as previously mentioned -- and shopped my A** off! At Kohl's, I found Levi's for $14 that fit me perfectly and make my butt look high & tight (Thank you, Levi's, THANK YOU!!!). At Burlington Coat Factory, I bought two coats, one leather and one trench, that make me look like I know how to dress (I don't). At the shopette, I found a 2005 Rodney Strong Cabernet for $10 a bottle!

Needless to say, on Valentine's Day, we were both very happy. He because he had his wife in his dorm room and she was looking good; and Me because I was looking good! (...plus we had a great bottle of wine to enjoy!)

Loving life back in the U.S. of A.!

~ j