22 February 2009

Interview with Terri Barnes of "Spouse Calls"

Terri Barnes and I have been
e-mail buddies for a couple of years now. After I moved back to the states, she wanted me to get somewhat settled so she could interview me.

Great! I love her stuff! So, between her busy, busy schedule and my so-so schedule, we picked a day she'd call and...

I gave her the wrong phone number.

Because, as it turns out, when you PCS, you get about twenty-seven new numbers to memorize and the hardest one of all is your own phone number. Honestly, when do you really use that one?

Terri apparently had a nice chat with the lady who answered - so that's a good thing - but I'd screwed up our window of time and now we had to resort to an e-mail interview. I stayed up until 2 a.m. that night, making sure I answered her questions as fully and completely as possible. After all, I owed it to her to at least get this one thing right.

But I think you can tell I'm getting tired and a little bit loopy by the last few questions.

Luckily, the interview turned out really great. Terri posted the uncut, unedited version on her blog over at Spouse Calls.

I hope you enjoy it. (...and don't forget to head to jennyspouse.com for today's latest chuckle)

~ j

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