02 January 2008

Jenny Comics and the Ohio State Cartoon Research Library

October 30, 2007: I signed the official inventory listing two years of "Jenny the Military Spouse" materials to be archived by the Ohio State Cartoon Research Library.

November 16, 2007: Curator Dr. Caswell signed a letter saying Jenny is now part of the library's permanent collection.

It's exciting for me and a milestone of sorts in military-themed comic strips. "Jenny" is the first - and, so far, ONLY - comic strip about the life of a military spouse.

The storylines follow spouses, both female and male, who are constantly keeping things together while their mates are often deployed to the Middle East.
These storylines chronicle not only my life but that of my friends and family.

The uniqueness of the strip is what caught Dr. Caswell's eye. I'm honored more than I can say and hope to keep the collection full with original sketches and tear sheets for years to come.

~ jewls


USMCwife2005 said...

What a fantastic achievement Jewls!! Many Congratulations!!!

BrianFH said...

It also helps, I'm sure, that the strip is consistently intelligent and real. Worth saving in its own right for that, not just because of the subject matter.


jennyspouse.com said...

Thanks, Brian. ~ jewls