12 August 2008

Space-A Travel, Anyone?

I spent a long time traveling Space-A this summer. I was going to blog about it.

The blog ended up being almost as long as the trip (1.5 months) so I decided to direct you to Navy Wife Radio, instead.

We did a show about my travels on July 8, 2008. The link is:

It's much easier to talk about it than to write about it. When I'm writing, I start going off into all of the minute details; that's a great way to lose readers. When I'm talking, however, people like Wendy can interrupt me and get me back on track! ;-)

Wendy and Jessica are going to try and do a more complete show on the subject of Space-A travel just as soon as they can get a knowledgable representative to come on the show and give us correct information. Keep checking Navy Wife Radio's website and radio show. They'll keep you updated

Enjoy the show and stay tuned!

~ jewls

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