11 January 2009

...and the winner is...

Here are the results of the voting process so far...

1. "Welcome Home Syndrome" - November 2, 2008 Episode 157

2. "Moving Day" - January 13, 2008 Episode 115

3. "The July 4th Episode" - June 29, 2008 Episode139

4. "The Difference Between Guys and Girls" - April 20, 2008 Episode 129

5. "Holiday Military Spouse" - December 30, 2007 Episode 113

6. "New Spouse Orientation" - January 27, 2008 Episode 117

Tied for 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Place:

"Yoga Schmoga" - February 17, 2008 Episode 120

"Listening is Love" - April 27, 2008 Episode 30

"Support the Troops" - July 13, 2008 Episode 141

"Patty Lynn, Command Spouse" - August 31, 2008 Episode 148

The top five strips will run in the Stars & Stripes during February, excluding "Moving Day" which has already been published twice and needs a rest. :-)

~ jewls


craftymamaof4 said...

Hi I just wanted to say I just found your site and your comic is so great! It is really cute! You are a very talented aritst! Thank you so much for all your family does for our country :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie
I wonder why you did not use your own name rather than steal my identity to create your otherwise helpful web page
Jenny Spouse

jennyspouse.com said...

Dear Jenny Spouse,

I'm sorry that you feel like I've "stolen your identity". That's a fairly harsh charge these days and should not be thrown around lightly. In a world with a population teetering on 7 billion people, it's unlikely that you are the only one named Jenny Spouse. For instance, one of my friends is named Julie Negron and I certainly would not accuse her of stealing my identity.

The main character of the comic strip, "Jenny", is named Jenny Spouse. The character is purely fictional and is not based on any persons real, living, or dead.

This blogspot account is the companion site to the strip's main URL: http://www.jennyspouse.com.

This blogspot account keeps the readers of "Jenny" up-to-date on details involving the strip and/or military spouses.

As stated above, the name of this site and any other site associated with it has absolutely nothing to do with any person living or dead and is based purely on a fictional character. "Jenny" is named for an all-American girl who is thrown into the military lifestyle as a spouse. Therefore, her name is Jenny Spouse.

I hope this has explained things better to you.

Sincerely, Julie Negron
Creator, "Jenny"