17 August 2009

Rejection Notice, etc.

Today, "Jenny" was rejected by the largest group of military newspapers available stateside.

Rather, today is when I received the actual notice of rejection, so I'm not really sure when the physical act of rejecting "Jenny" took place. I'm going to stick with today because it feels like it. In fact, it feels like just a few minutes ago after I checked the mail.

While the Rejection Notice is certainly par for the course in the life of a cartoonist, this one wasn't met with a sense of "Another one bites the dust" and blithely tossed into the file drawer.

This one is hanging right on the front of the refrigerator.

Let me explain. The source of the rejection was ATPCo, which is comprised of the Air Force Times, Army Times, Navy Times, and MarineCorps Times. They're a subsidiary of Gannett News (publishers of USA Today).

I've been trying to get "Jenny" into the "Times" group for nearly four years - whether online, in print, or both - and I've never once heard anything from them. In June of this summer, I decided to hit them hard: I got another cartoonist to go to bat for me.


It still didn't work but they did finally tell me for sure that the answer is "NO". No explanation, just "NO". Therefore, at this point in time, "Jenny" will not be getting into the Air Force/Army/etc. Times group.

I hope my cartoonist friend doesn't suffer any repercussions from standing up for me because he really went out of his way when he barely knew me. He simply believed in the "Jenny" comic strip enough to go the extra mile for it. He is now a wonderful friend whom I respect and admire.

Thanks to him and thanks to all of the spouses and other readers who've asked over and over why they can't read "Jenny" in the "Times" newspapers. I'm sorry; I tried.

Don't worry, though, I'm going to keep working on it. I have more angles to work and lots of paper on which to type submission letters. And, of course, you can still read "Jenny" every Sunday overseas and downrange in the Sunday Stars & Stripes newspaper and, of course, every week at jennyspouse.com.

Have a great week and don't forget to go to jennyspouse.com (and stripes.com) for your weekly mil-spouse chuckle!

~ j


Anonymous said...

Uh -so sorry they turned you down! If the publishers ONLY KNEW how many military spouses LOVE "Jenny Spouse" wow...I'm in shock! I guess best way to look at it...Jenny Spouse has been on tv - that's gotta say something about how awesome your work is!

Caryl said...

Honestly, part of me want to cry for you and the other part says "phew". In the last few years, I've watched what used to be a timely, worldly, newsfilled paper, turn into an absolute mess. The journalists have turned lazy. The news is old, and often inaccurate - the corrections printed later as a forgotten after thought. Even the language has become - well, seriously, there isn't a more effective way to describe a high performace motorcycle than "crotch rocket"?

Just a few months ago, with subscripions lagging, they went with a new format, and a new size. Well, my paper still doesn't arrive until Thursdays or Fridays, 5 full days after I could have purchased it at the BX. The stories aren't worth cracking open the newsprint and inking your hands. And do not even get me started on the idiotic flip format, where you have to turn the paper the read the other half of the paper. Childish.


Although, you'd THINK that a paper that has been touting military spousal attention and recognition would put out Jenny. Proves it's all who you know.

I'm just glad I have Jenny to pal around with all day here :) We had a lovely lunch, made chocolate filled buns for book club tonight, hauled a kid to and from summer camp, organized the back to school supplies, 2 loads of laundry, got the oil changed, and refilled the hurricane water for the season.

Eh, I'm too busy to read the Times.

jennyspouse.com said...

Thanks, Caryl. The opportunity to be a part of the Military Times group means a nice paycheck for me. That's the bummer of this. Plus -- The same week they rejected "Jenny", they picked up Farva. He's the third Male Cartoonist I know personally who works for the Times Group. I've been after that slot for four years and they never answered me. Not once. I don't know their reason for rejecting "Jenny the Military Spouse" or their reason for not answering me. It really angers me, the not knowing.

jennyspouse.com said...
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Anonymous said...

I sense some discrimination going on here - 3 male cartoonists, and yet no room for you?! I think I'll have to submit a letter questioning their decision.

Caryl said...

Again, it's all about demographics. I certainly can cry for the missing paycheck though.

Austin is a nice guy, really nice guy, but he's a guy, that does some seriously GUY stuff in a guy cartoon, and now he's in the guy Times group. And, Heaven help me, I do laugh heartily at his strips.

We've had this discussion on the phone. Jenny just can't get away with that. Women have a different level of humour and different standards, period.

I honestly see the Times group like I do the EcoFriendly groups that are popping up- more interesting in appearing "green" to others than actually BEING "green". The Times Group is no different. They, and the other government agencies preach support the family, lift up spouses and all that they do, but in all honestly, they don't.

You have every right to be disappointed, pissed, ticked off, and disenchanted. btw...that gives me a panel idea....will FB it to you.

Just so you know, Jenny and I will be enjoying our final day of summer vacation tomorrow. Whilst the boy child is in his final day of summercamp, and the man child is on his way home from yet another TDY, she and I are going to be good and swim our laps, go out to lunch, and work on some watercolour paintings tomorrow. I think she said she was picking up the tab for lunch too ! SO yay!

They take money from invisible friends at McDs, right?

Toni said...

I echo what newlywedws said in regards to turning you down. You bring a smile to my face as well as military spouses everywhere. Keep being faithful to your work and remember the Lord has a reason for all things though we may not always agree or understand. Though you don't get that much needed paycheck and this doesn't sound like much of a consolation prize but, you do still bring comfort and smiles to both new and seasoned spouses alike, rejoice in that.
I too have a blog, do you mind if I put you on my blog? Let me know (my site is http://delightedhomemaker.blogspot.com/)

Brenda said...

Well that sure is a shame! Please let us know, I think we should SPAM their emails and mailboxes with letters galore demanding they put something in!

jennyspouse.com said...

Thanks, everyone! We'll just keep pushing "Jenny" on the rest of the military community out there and see where we can take her. Charge! ;-)