16 September 2009

Recon: Comic Relief

Here's my interview with the Pentagon Channel. They were looking at the history of military cartooning. Lots of fun trivia and interesting facts here. At the end, there's a long segment on Basil Zaviski, creator of "Gunston Street".


Recon: Comic Relief

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~ j


Mitchell 5 Family said...

watching the show right now from RAF Lakenheath. Thanks for all you do!!! From one military spouse to another.

Jennifer said...

Great show! This former Army spouse can relate. Are you still at Robbins AFB? Dave & I went through some CAP training there several years ago - very nice base. Do they still have the amazing Sunday Brunch at the Officers' Club?

jennyspouse.com said...

Hi, Jennifer. Yes, we're still here at RAFB. We've been here since July 2009. They do have a great brunch at the O' Club. We've been once and plan on going back. Yum! :-)

M5Fam, Thanks for everything YOU do, too! ~ j