24 December 2007

Life on a military base

Life on a military base is always interesting: people walk around in camouflage uniforms and flightsuits, everybody salutes each other, and you have to carry an I.D. card at all times.

Another fact of life is the daily playing of the national anthem. Every afternoon at around 4:30 or 5, the loudspeakers all across the base start to crackle... CRUNCH! BZZT! KRRZSCHHH! Ppht... and traffic stops.

Not a car moves. Pedestrians stand stock still, nobody even scratches.

We all face either the flag or the direction of the popping speakers, place our hands over our hearts, and listen to the national anthem playing above our heads. It is one of the most respectful and patriotic moments of our day, even if it does sometimes come at inopportune moments...


Holiday Shopping Anthem

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