31 December 2007

I "Heart" Yoga

For Christmas, I bought myself the whole set of Yoga Journal's "Step-by-Step" DVD series with Natasha Rizopoulos.

I'm working on Step 1 which is about 20 minutes long but feels like 3 hours and 95 minutes.

But I'm not worried: Pretty soon I'll be saying "Is that all ya got?!" Then I can move on to Step 2 (see left). ~ jewls


Anonymous said...

Hey, Julie!
I just discovered your site has a blog. Color me clueless! How's the yoga coming? My New Year efforts are to get to the gym regularly just to do the elliptical.
I see that Jenny has started the New Year with exercise. She's inspiring me!
Hey, my latest e-mail to you bounced back for some reason. I'll try it again this week.
When you get into that pretzel shape, I want to see the picture.
Happy Valentine's Day from your Stripes sister,

jennyspouse.com said...

Yoga? What...yoga? Oh, yes, I remember! haha

I'm actually dusting off the DVD right now and I swear I'm getting ready to get into the pretzel shape! haha

Seriously, it's not coming along as great as I'd hoped. You see, not only did I get Yoga DVDs for Christmas but I got a new puppy for New Year's!

So the pupster gets all of my free time. She pee-pees and plays more than anything I've ever seen! I have to take her out for a run just so she'll sleep long enough for me to get some work done...but at least I'm running and getting outside. She's my little exercise machine! haha

Yak atcha later, Terri!

~ j