05 May 2008

Happy Cartoonist's Day!

Just a shout-out to my friends who cartoon. May all your writer's blocks and finger-cramps be washed away...at least for today.

The following is from http://richardspooralmanac.blogspot.com/

Happy Cartoonist Day! ~ jewls


WeatherWoman said...

This week's commissary cartoon cracked me up. You forgot to add "lost" men. I call them "Cling-ons". The follow their wives, dazed and confused, and serve only to comment on the prices of things, add un-necessaries to the cart, or clogg up traffic. There should be a place to park them at the door, for pick up after shopping! DH check, ya, I'll go for that!

WeatherWoman said...

OH, and did you see in this week's AFTimes that they're changing around the ABU already. Another TICK tock in the AirForce time line :)

Just_Me said...

(tugs Jewls sleeve)

Hey, you okay> It's the 21st and there's no new comic or post up. Is everything cool where you're at?

jennyspouse.com said...

Hi, J.M.

Sorry...no, everything has NOT been okay on my end. We've had a little family emergency and I had to get the Red Cross involved. They were able to get me priority seating on a flight back to the States last Saturday.

I'm just now getting a chance to update everything. It's been a real booger trying to access my files from a laptop (instead of my PC).

I'll write something about the emergency in the next few days. I probably won't go into much detail because it's a very personal family issue. Everyone involved is stable now and I'm spending my days as a houseguest - helping with housework, groceries, and errands.

I'm going to be here all summer and hope to find time to draw and post more often.

Thank you for the concern. You're very astute.

~ jewls