29 April 2008

Listening is Love

Sometimes I accuse my husband of not listening to me...but then I realize I'm kinda tuning him out, too.

I suppose just having someone next to you while you talk about your day can constitute "listening", leaving you feeling satisfied and more able to get past whatever tensions you've built up.

It's what I miss most about him when he's away on duty. ~ jewls


Kerri said...

I totally agree! It's just not the same talking to my 3 year old!

WeatherWoman said...

...and it's only one step from talking to - and answering yourself.

I'll sit in the "DH is on duty" corner with you. :)

jennyspouse.com said...

Haha. You're right about talking to yourself rather than to each other. That's how it feels sometimes. But I guess it's better than no conversations in the house at all, right? :-) ~ jewls

WeatherWoman said...

Nah, never could happen here. I could talk the ears off a dust bunny! HA! Betcha didn't know they had ears, eh?

eMail Our Military said...

Love it!