11 April 2008

We're HOME!

We're home! Thank goodness!

In the midst of updating my blogs, I forgot to mention that we are indeed home. Thank you to all of my "Jenny" friends out there who've written to find out if we made it off The Planet of Space-A Travelers safely.

We finally caught a C-12 on Wednesday morning (showtime was 0630 which wasn't too bad because showtime the day before was 0440 -- and that flight ended up getting cancelled. Prob'ly 'cause the crew was still in bed! haha).

Anyway, I've got a bit of jet-lag right now...mostly due to simple lack of sleep from trying to catch airplanes at o'dark-thirty.

I'm going to hit a salad bar somewhere today (one week in Hawaii and my jeans are quite a bit more snug...too much restaurant food) or I might go fresh-vegetable shopping out Gate 2 Street.

I'm suddenly on a health kick. When you travel Space-A, they constantly ask how much you weigh. And then they add it to the weight of your luggage. Depressing!!! haha

~ jewls

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home ! Tossing you a fresh Florida Orange :D
-Caryl WrightPatt