08 April 2008

More Space-A Details

More news from Planet Space-A: we still are not home.

It'll be two weeks tomorrow since we started our vacation. We spent six days total in Hawaii. The rest of the time has been spent getting in or out of Tokyo via either military transport or commercial air.

I'm composing an essay with all of the juicy details which I hope to be posting here in the next few days.

We might be getting on a flight this morning. It's currently 0645 and we're at the AMC terminal, Yokota AB, Japan. "Roll Call" for the next flight has been postponed, pending an adjustment on the "seat count". These terms and others will be explained in my essay.

Have a nice day! ~ jewls


Dorothy said...

I'm all too familiar with those adjustments to "seat count". I'm currently at Yokota!!! :) Hope you get home soon!

WhereDidYouGo said...

Okay so I am in California, and I need to fly Space-A to Aviano, Italy. (So to Baltimore then to Aviano)

I called Baltimore to ask if they could let me know a "pattern" in which they fly--so I could fly commercial out to BWI... but they can't tell me that over the phone.

But I CAN go to the Space-A office and look at the MONTH schedule posted there. BUT THEY CAN'T TELL ME!???!????!?!

Any suggestions on how to... FIGURE things out, so I am not pulling a Tom Hanks in the Terminal in Baltimore!?

Scary thought--Space A in the SUMMER!? (Kid's vacations!?)

Lewellen Family said...

www.pepperd.com, create an acct and you can look at flight schedules for the past year or so :)