01 October 2008

Two New Interviews

I've recently completed two new interviews.

One was via a stateside phone call from DC to Okinawa by Washington Times journalist, Karen Goff, and the other was a long sit-down chat at Chili's with Joelle, a journalist from the website, Okinawa Hai.

Joelle and I talked so much, and about so many things, that I sometimes forgot we were interviewing! haha

Make sure you check that site out...it's truly an informative and useful source for those of us living here on Okinawa.

Follow the links above or cut-n-paste these:

Washington Times - "Jenny's Mission of Mirth"

Okinawa Hai


(All of this year's interviews are listed on my homepage at jennyspouse.com)


tastythaicooking said...

Thank you Jenny for your hard work and sharing your great life experiences with us, military spouses!!

Trish | eMailOurMilitary said...

Great job! Keep up the good work.