04 December 2008

"Jenny" photos from Army Wives, Season 2

I've finally received photos of the "Jenny" comics used on the set of Army Wives, Season 2.

A few locations where you can spot the strips are: on the refrigerator in the Holden House (Michael and Claudia Joy), in the Burton House (Joan and Roland), and on the wall by the desk in the ADAPC office.

Melissa Berent, the set decorator, sent me two from the Holden's fridge and three from the mock base newspaper. Here they are (click the images to make them larger):

The three comics shown in this photo are, from top t0 bottom: Episode 51, Officers' Wives' Bob, October 22 , 2006; Episode 4, Are We There Yet?, December 4, 2005; and Episode 37, It Needs to be Bigger, July 16, 2006.

This is the front of the fridge. The featured strip is Episode 31, New Spouse Orientation, June 4, 2006.

This episode was one of my favorite strips to draw because I channeled Dave Berg's (MAD Magazine) style.

It came out exactly as I'd planned.

At this point, I need to say that Melissa and her crew totally "get" the message I'm trying to convey through the "Jenny" comic strip.  Not only is it tough to be married to a military member but sometimes it's also hard to get along with the other spouses, cope with all of the traveling, the incessant rules of the military way of life, and so on and so on.

These few comics alone are perfect for instilling the "flavor" of military spousehood into the psyche of the actors on the set; it's a great way to use the strip. I commend the set decorators for their ability to climb inside our minds and "go there".

Here are the rest of the photos...

This newspaper (held by AW graphic designer, Paul, and created specially for Army Wives) was used in several episodes and was shown being read by different characters, including General Holden.

I haven't seen those episodes yet so give me a couple of days and I'll find them for you! :)

Here's the "above the fold" of said newspaper.

Here's their featured strip. Looks like it was on the outside so the cameras could see it. :)

That's all for now. If anyone has any other "Jenny-spotting" to report, let me know.

I spotted the strip on the Holden's fridge on Season 2, Episode 16, but totally missed spotting anyone reading the newspaper.

That's all I have for now. The next episode of AW airs in either June or July. They told me they'll be using "Jenny" more than ever during Season 3.

Get your DVRs ready!

Needless to say...Discussion to be Continued!

~ j


Stacey said...

That is too cool!!! I totally love your comics; sooooooo true to the military life. They make me feel so good to know I'm not the only one dealing with some of this crazy crap!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! Miss Stars & Stripes only b/c of Jenny!!

jennyspouse.com said...

That sounds like something my brother would say...!

Philip? Is that you?

Kelly D <>< :) Founder OPERATION CELEBRATION (myspace.com/kdsaysthanks) said...

Congrats Jenny (Jewls) :)

I am so proud to call you my friend and look forward to seeing you in many more places


Kelly DeBardelaben
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