16 November 2010

Why Should We Care About Prince William's Engagement?

Because Great Britain is our greatest ally and our best friend. In order to nurture a friendship, you must take an interest in your friend's children and family. A sure way to kill a friendship is to show utter disinterest in her family's joyful moments and to ignore their milestones.

Because we've watched this boy grow up and have held him to higher standards than we've held our own children, judging his life on a global level like no other. We should celebrate when he's happy.

Because we know that one day he WILL be the King of England and it is in our best interest that he possess sound judgment and above-average decision making skills. One day every decision he makes concerning Great Britain will directly affect our very best friend and so affect us.

Yes, we should be interested in this and pay attention. It's important.

~ j


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. We should be very interested in the current events that surround our greatest ally. I wish them nothing but happiness in their marriage. Being married to an ordinary Joe is hard enough, I couldn't imagine being married to someone who has been in the spot light since before he was born!

Friend of the Universe said...

We watched an hour long program on NBC last night, "The Man Who Will Be King," about Charlie, The Prince of Wales. Good show on the part of the network and the Prince. A very "regular guy." I made reference to William and Kate in one of my blog posts, under political comment.


jennyspouse.com said...

I agree with Anonymous. And I'll have to go back and read the political comment, W.